This summer was an exciting one: Movable Type 4.0 was released, Movalog was redesigned with a gorgeous new look and I was ready with a series of updates for many of my plugins. But after a flurry of plugin releases, activity waned. In fact, several plugins were left in a state of perpetual beta, and even more plugins were left finished, but unreleased, in my code repository. Why? In September, for the first time in my life, I set my feet on American soil as I became a college freshman at UCSD majoring in Computer Science (shockingly enough)!

But in between then and now there was even bigger news... For as long as I can remember, the ability to add custom fields to store meta data has been one of the most requested features of Movable Type. During the run-up to MT 4.0, this was confirmed with a public poll where custom fields functionality was easily the winner for the "which feature should be built in" question. With the results, Byrne Reese officially stated that it was something Six Apart was considering for a future release of MT 4.x.

Plugins »

Asset Handler »

Provides a wizard to easily import existing files on your server into Movable Type as assets. Also adds a Batch Asset Editor which allows you to edit the details of multiple assets at once

CrossPoster »

Post your entries to multiple blogs simultaneously. Great for both personal bloggers (keep journals in synch) and corporate bloggers (stage entries)

CustomFields »

Create custom fields to store meta data for system objects (entries, categories, authors). Makes MT a ridiculously powerful CMS.

Link Roller »

A back-to-basics link manager which integrates seamlessly with Movable Type 4's new asset system.

MT Blogroll »

Manages your links in the comfort of Movable Type. A powerful link manager at heart but capable of so much more including and digg integration.

Privacy »

Privacy allows you to define "read permissions" by giving you fine-grained control over who can read entries and blogs.

Simply Threaded »

MT4 introduced the ability for authors to reply to comments from within the application but commenters were left in the cold. Simply Threaded allows commenters to reply to comments.

Template Shelf »

A time saving plugin, adds a template listing to the sidebar of the template editing screen, no more back-and-forth! Also introduces dialog template editing, great for those small templates!